The Story


Dean's, and Dean's STS, materialized in early 2012, following a somewhat delayed New Years resolution epiphany here in the Atlanta, Georgia, USA area.  Although Dean's STS is itself quite new, the origin of the STS sauce is a 40+ year old "family" recipe.  The beginnings dating back to the early '70s when, as a child, the family moved to northeast Texas.  Quickly adopting the cultural uniqueness of that locale, I recall regular yearly family excursions to northeast Texas state fairs and rodeos, opening the doors to Tex-Mex, mesquite barbecuing, Coors beer, among other notable cultural quirks.

My recollection is that Dad acquired the foundations of what was to become Dean's STS at one of these fairs or rodeos.  However, Dad's story seems to reflect that he talked the proprietor of a small Mom & Pop barbecue joint in neighboring Arkansas into revealing most of the major ingredients of their house sauce.

Regardless of the accuracy of fading decades old memories, the family incorporated the yet unnamed concoction into routine summer Q'ing.  Over the years, various family members contributed to the modification of the recipe through the adding, subtracting, minimizing, or enhancing of ingredients, ending up what became Dean's STS in 2012.

- Dean, November 2012